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While I've written a lot of things perhaps my core feelings and philosophies can be extracted from the following articles.  I hope you find them rewarding and helpful.

Check back from time to time as I will add additional articles as I write them and feel they will be of value to you, my cyber guest.

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1- Call Me Naive... (GO)
Call me naive, but I still believe in the TRUE American Dream, that everyone regardless of their background can control their life (Health, Spirit, Time, and Finances).

2- Job Security? You've got to be kidding! (GO)
I wanted to relate a story to you about organizational thought. Although it is rather funny and deals with a governmental institution this issue is at the very serious heart of why companies view employees as Liabilities rather than Assets.

3- (Netrepreneur 101) Find that Something! (GO)
Earlier today Kim Rivera-Wilcox emailed me and ended her email with this, Tell me all, o wise one! I need to learn everything. I sat back for a minute and had a bit of a chuckle. I wonder if I even know everything?

4- How to Choose the Right MLM for You! (GO)
Each factor is critical to the success of your business. Those factors are Company, Management, Product, Compensation, and Team. Be sure that no matter which opportunity you choose, that it is one that has the same moral values that you do, that it has honesty and integrity, and that you believe in the opportunity 100%. 

5- 3 Steps to Victory in any Home Business (GO)
There are 3 distinct and important parts of a business. Each has its own steps and each has its own purpose. 

6- Put Relationships Back Into Marketing (GO)
Many times when using an internet marketing system we forget we are dealing with real people who have real feelings, dreams, and desires.  Often in the process of "Chewing Through the Numbers" we forget that those numbers are REAL people.

7- Mining Your Existing Customer Base (GO)
Let me start with a preface. Those companies that REALLY want to earn my money... those are the companies I want to work with, those that go up and beyond. My mother use to call it, "The extra mile." These are the companies that stick out in your mind for something different that they did.

8- Product VS Opportunity (What is more critical?) (GO)
First, let me state that this is only my opinion based on years of successful experience, both in the field, in corporate MLM positions, and now as an MLM consultant. You could possibly call it an Expert Opinion, and some time experts disagree on the same factual observations that's life.

9- Discard Your Box (GO)
At a recent conference I spoke at as a Key Note speaker, I talked to them about why people have Jobs I asked "Is there anyone who goes to work out there who DOESN'T want to?"

10- Modern Day Slavery (GO)
Before I start let me say there are 2 ways to take this topic on. I am passionate about this topic (it's who I am and why I do what I do)... and inherently that makes me less objective... which I will admit to start with.

Let me start by saying that many many years ago I recognized in myself the need for approval from my peers. I became consciously away of my "Addiction" to constant approval of each thing I did, from family or friends. I craved validation.

12- What Pro's Hate Most (GO) ***NEW***
As a Distributor, Corporate Consultant, and MLM Trainer I can tell you that things change... companies change... people change. There is a popular saying, "There is nothing more constant than change."  In the case of the MLM world that saying is consistently manifesting itself.  Companies are run by humans and humans aren't perfect.

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